Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Nov 16, 1998

Something Wild She's Kinda Weird
Wire Brazil
Experimental Audio Research Track 4
Wildhearts Greetings From S Hitsville
Les Thugs Waiting
Hot Water Music Bitter End

Entombed But Life Goes On
Queen Latifah Wrath Of My Madness
Battery To Want
Stanford Prison Experiment Swoon
Deep Purple Pictures Of Home
Goalies Grade 12 Art Class
Winter Oppression Freedom
Paul Newman The New Goth
Adrenalin Od Old People Talk Loud/Hijack The Senior Citizens Bus, Mischief Night

Dictators Borneo Jimmy
Fudge Tunnel Like Jeff
Idiot Flesh Chicken Little
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax
Tribe Called Quest Keeping It Moving
GrinchFridays God
Plaid Extork
Queens Of The Stone Age I Was A Teenage Hand Model

Jawbox Under Glass
You Fantastic Friendless
Nik Turner Osiris
Loudspeaker Scientific, Don't Kill The Messenger
Turbonegro Deathtime
Old Lady Drivers Colostomy Grab Bag
Dag Nasty Values Here
Bowie Future Legend/Diamond Dogs
Violent Femmes Waiting For The Bus, Blister In The Sun

Cianide Mindscrape
Tanner Computers That Breathe
Kyuss Track 1
Colin Newman Image
Hellchild Treason Of Death, Emptiness For Happiness

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