Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Nov 9, 1998

Operation Reinformation Rheostat
Character Builder Lizard Lounge
Absu Manannan
Electric Frankenstein Rise & Crash
Portishead Strangers
Flipper Sexbomb

Refused Return To The Closet
Red Monkey R.E. D.
Sonics He's Waitin
Facepuller Time To Pull
Chicago Underground Duo The Big Bang Theory
Parliament The Landing Of The Holy Mothership
Soilent Green It Was Just An Accident
Hot Water Music Bitter End

Mog Stunt Team 5 Fight Song
Messhuggah New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Steadfast Misguided
Atrax Morgue Arphenia
Lydia Lunch Gloomy Sunday
Sons Of Hercules Outta Your Head
Queens Of The Stone Age How To Handle A Rope
In Camera Fragments Of Fear
Computer Cougar Stunt Pilot

Grotus Pharmaceutical
Therion The Wild Hunt
Monsterland Store 28
Slow 45 : Eurythmics Missionary Man 3:49@45 Rpm 5:04233 Rpm
Colossamite An Open Minded Taxidermist
Postmortem Beyond The Bounds
Thunderball Chronic Dose
Corrosion Of Conformity Happily Ever After

Destroy All Monsters Bored
Pugs Spock On Miss Gloria , Bullpen
Stanford Prison Experiment Repeat Removal
Hellchild Voice From Far Away

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