Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Oct 26, 1998

Einsturzende Neubauten Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus
Colossamite Heat Vs. Temperature
Sepultura Floaters In Mud
Queens Of The Stone Age Walkin On The Sidewalks
Jukon Speakers 25 Ar Efter Min Tid
Ultra Vivid Scene Nausea
Xtc Crowded Room
Soilent Green Build Fear
Thundercrack Come & See My Friends
Dead Kennedys Halloween
Man Is The Bastard The Arena
Area 51 Middle Class
Dragons Fade

The Haunted 3 Times
Adverts Bored Teenagers
Uk Subs Nobody Move
Transmisia Why This Life?
Wipers The Hers
Jellybean Dancing On The Fire
Deadbolt Swahili Bob
Shine Lost Sundance
Oppressor Corrosion
Spiders Don't Blow Your Mind

Funeral Oration That's Alright, Upstream Downstream
Fruitcake Patty Lane
Roxette The Look
Gooseflesh Suffer Age
Space Kung Fu ....
Snuff Ticket
Slow 45: George Michael I Want Your Sex 4:44 @45 Rpm, 6:23 @33rpm
Cheifs Karen Walach

Naglfar Diabolicall-The Devil's Child
Reagan YouthUsa
3rd Harmonic Distortion Army Dodge
Jack Killed Jill In Need Of A Holiday
Fu Manchu Vankhana
Xtal Domino's Theory

Dictators I Stand Tall
Postmortem Dreadful Sins

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