Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Oct 19, 1998

Thundercrack Kill A Rich Man
Fauna Flash Velvet Strings
Kid Dynamite Bench Warmer
Belle & Sebastian Sleep The Clock Around
Full Fathom Five The Way We Communicate

Nebula Vulcan Bomber, Raga In The Bloodshot Pyramid
Mc Solaar Gangster Moderne
Sepultura Old Earth
Comateens Munsters Theme
Brutal Truth Average People
Spiders Why Don't You Love Me
(Pre-Alice Cooper-- Reissue 45)
Naglfar The Brimstone Gate

Sister Ray Nothing At All
Kent3Amateur Motor Race
Pop Will Eat Itself Sweet Sweet Pie
Amon Tobin Reanimator
Siouxsie Head Cut
Sons Of Hercules Surfin In The Bars
Radicts 6 Of Them

Cemment Deprivation Needs
Toiling Midgets Faux Pony
Cheifs Blues
Groinchurn Change Is Change, Whole, More
Stanglers Paradise Row
The Who:They Are All In Love

Hi Fives Black Sand Beach
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today
Hybernoid Hideaway
Trans AmExtreme Measures
Mudhoney Try To Be Kind
Witchfinder General Free Country

Melvins Buick Mckane
Meat Bead Manifesto 3 Floors Above You
Iggy Pop I Snub You
Scared Of Chaka 5 Side Master
Larval Adolescence
Indecision The World Is Just Another Thing In My Way
Gories I Think I've Had It
In Flames Biosphere

Jon Cougar Concentration CampMy Favorite Place

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