Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Oct 12, 1998

Grassy Knoll Left Becomes Right
Gravel Pissing In A River
Young Gods Gasoline Man
Dead Boys Down In Flames
Uzeda Stomp

God's Acre Wood
Hullabaloo Kill Your Parents
Icky Joey Josephine

Jonestown Your High And Get You Up
Oblivians Jim Cole
Syd Barrett Terrapin
Der Plan Pizza
Edge Of Sanity Impulsive Necroplasma
Skinny Puppy Tin Omen
Real Kids Taxi Boys

Electric Frankenstein Super Star
Mouse On Mars Tiplet Metal Plat
Scooby Doo 7 Days A Week
Kreator Stream Of Consciousness
Flying Saucer Attack Psychic Driving
Libba Ghetti Lil Jam
Proletariat Options
Gray Matter Give Me A Clue

Caustic Resin Machines Fixing Themselves
Dalek Swollen Tongue Bums
Holocaust Mortal Mother
Vas Deferens Organization Amaon Doo & Popol Poo
Goblins Teabaggin'
Hybernoid Eyewall
Postmortem Better Beware

Mount Shasta Gimp
Killtech The Wire States
Tank Filth Hounds Of Hades
Liquor Bike Nocturnal Ignition
El Dopa The Calm
Coral Puzzle Me
Thy Serpent Crystalmoors
Einsturzende NeubautenWas Ist Ist
Dimmu Borgir Moonchild Domain
Sunny Day Real Estate Every Shining Time You Arrive
Flake Music Structo

Nurse W/Wound R&B Through Collis Browne

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