Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Sep 28, 1998

Boris BadenoughHey Rocky
IguanasMad Dog
Adramelech Seven
Another Victim Threat
The Bombshells Treat Her Right
Moby James Bond Theme
Godheadsilo Booby Trap

Divisia Clive
Carol Raw Abstraction
Pet Shop Boys Shopping
Tartaros Tunes Toward Empyrean
Illusion Of Safety Sham
Prolapse A Day At Death Seaside
Brian Jonestown Massacre Nothing To Lose
Am I Blood Suffocated Love
Motards Drunk Girls
Acumen Nation Cowboy God

Disgust And Still...
Namanax Contaminating Influence
Lesion I'm God-That's Why
Current 93 A Gothic Love Song
Anasarca Scorn
Milk Cult Blue Godzilla
Fudge Tunnel Sweet Meat
Jolly Green Giants Caught You Red Handed

Hybernoid Eyewall
Pennywise No Way Out
Thee Headcoats Love Comes In Spurts
Club Off Chaos Chichirillo
Voivod Phobos
Rube Waddell Plasma Man
Sweet Things Cherry Ball
Red River Band Lost Love
X-Ile Ru Ready
Bane Forked Tongue

Dimmu Borgir Moonchild Domain
Jeanne Hatfield My Babe
Ignition One Sided
Nurse With Wound Sugarbush Vs The Swinging Snares
Motherheadbug Leader=Dealer

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