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Playlists for Sept 14, 1998

Bolt Thrower For Victory
Disco Tex & The Sex O Lettes Get Dancin, +Medley
Braindead Sound Machine Where The Pavement Ends
Dimmu Borgir Metal Heart

Cheer Accident Everyone's Ugly Up Close
Crust Painsville, Chlamydia Is Not A Flower
Bantam Rooster Brokeback Fit
Monster X Self Conflict
Axiom Funk/Funkronomicon Free-Bass
Blacktop Cadence Slowstep
Opposable Thumb Jayne Mansfield Story
Best Kissers In The World She Won't Get Under Me Til I Get Over You
Am I Blood Suffocated Love

Onion Falls Apart
Bunnyfoot Charm Friendly Sex Monster
Ton Ups Welcome, Tune Down
Shattered Faith Darkside
Acumen Nation Bleed For You
Grave Restrained
Los Ass Draggers Hot Rod Clayton
Voivod Mercury
James Taylor Quartet Breakout
Flake Music Roziere, Structo

Fireballs Of Freedom Von Ferno
Sos Band Take Your Time
Joe Jackson I'm The Man
Children Of Bodom The Nail
Dancin French Liberals Of '48 Daily Bread
Uzeda Suaviter
Benediction Dead Fall

Godzuki Autohaze
Orthotonics Doo Doo Cars
Manlifting Banner Commitment
Bane In Pieces
Chisel The Town Crusher

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