Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Sept 7, 1998

Clash Spanish Bombs
Witchery House Of Raining Blood
Flake Music Mieke
Adverts Safety In Numbers
Overcast Apocalypse Upon Us
Babyland The Door Northern

Uzeda Nico And His Cats
Nashville Pussy Milk Cow Blues
Voivod The Tower
Digital Underground The Humpty Dance
Rocket From The Crypt Maybelline
Bane Both Guns Blazing
Spaceboy Horses In Great Open Spaces
Crom Hate Fear & Power
Fishsticks Suck City

PagansBoy Can I Dance Good
Covenant Dragon Heart
Doa Unknown
Thrones Reddleman
Massive Attack Group 4
Beaver Morocco
Pitchshifter We're Behaving Like Insects
Can Hello Again
Children Of Bodom Lake Bodom

50 Foot Hose Camel Tracks
Durutti Column Catos Con Guantes
Am I Blood Examination
Earth Crisis Into The Fray
Murder-Suicide Pact Not Going Back
Laughing Us Goin' Off
Serpent Chasing The Dragon
TheshinsThose Bold City Girls

Funeral Oration Do You Feel It?
Long Hind Legs Charmed I'm Sure
Human Hands Dog Food
Mark Mothersbaugh Barcelon
October 31st The Chosen One
Bullet La Volta Off Kilter

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