Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Aug 31, 1998

Pineapples Crystalline
Drywall Old Bent Coin
Birthday Party Zoo Music Girl
Phantom Tollbooth Valley Of The Gwangi
Blacktop Cadence I Don't Do Well In Social Situations, Sad Passing Shame

Supercharger I Took A Ride
Snuff Do Nothing
Vice Squad Humane
Leadfoot Sooner
Strikeforce Diablo Polymer On Parade
Pipe Human Gutterball
Soul Reaper The Return
Wee Papa Girls Rebel Rap

Stanford Prison Experiment Mr Teacher Dad
Nosferatu Pictures Of Betrayal
Naz Nomad & The Nightmares Just Call Me Sky
1.6 Band Keeping Me From Killing You
Shudder To Think W/Robin Zander Automatic Soup
The Tear Garden Valium
Oppressor Kingdom Of The Dead
Radar & Z Trip Private Parts

Murder-Suicide Pact Secret Admirer
Beme Seed Come On Now
The Haunted Chasm
Phobia Taxes At Work
Photon Band The Future's Comin' Round The Bend
Brenton Wood The Oogum Boogum Song
Kyuss Demon Cleaner

Poopshovel Dragon Attack
Reversal Of Man These Hills Have Eyes
Laibach God Is God
CheaterWorld Like That
Glazed Baby Red Room
Tubes Tv Is King
Absu V.I.T.R.J.O.L.
Sham 69 Family Life
Styrenes Opus 12

Mummies She Lied
Sadistik Execution Bolkanik Violence
Doc Tahri Dirt Cheap
Pegboy Field Of Darkness
Big Drill Car Wondering
Shattered Faith The Verdict

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