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Playlists for Aug 24, 1998

The Possums She's Loving Me
Sacramentum Awaken Chaos
Indungeon In The Ashes Of Civilization
Temple :Leaves Are Falling
Chester Copperpot Blue Stretch
Maxiwagon With Bells On, Baby Steps
Guzzard Motivational Speaker

High School Sweethearts Find A Way
The Haunted Bullet Hole
Skylab Go Metric
Cubanate Isolation
General Surgery Grotesque Maceration Of Mortified Flesh
Deadbolt Watongo
Murder Suicide Pact I'll Get You First,Myself
Severed Lethargy Rev
LeadfootRoll All Over You
Discount History Is History
Kung Pao Nakoma

Garden Variety In All Respects
Slug Streetsweeper
Honeyrider Endless Summer
Oppressor I Depise
Bandit Queen Give It To The Dog
Impetus Inter Ap Hardcore
Ubangis Lovesick , Grandma Dynamite

Alcohol Funnycar Try To Understand
Within Temptation Restless
Voivod Bacteria
Shattered Faith :Right Is Right
Arson Garden Drink A Drink Of You
October 31st Visions Of The End

Gories I Think I've Had It
Ec8or Cocaine Ducks
Avulsed Pasti Voracity (Frozen Speed)
False Prophets Taxidermist
Maleficium Questions Of Existence
Styrenes East Side Story

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