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Playlists for Aug 17, 1998

Styrenes One Fanzine Reader Writes
Voivod Rise
Bikini Kill Anti-Pleasure Dissertation
Meshuggah Gods Of Rapture
Servotron The Image Created
Absu Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle

Skin Yard Miss You
Epileptics System Rejects
Covenant Bringer Of The 6th Sun
Hammerlock Sunshine
Pitchshifter Wite Out
Die Cheerleader Starsucker
Strikeforce Diablo Polite Persist

The Haunted Choke Hold
4 Color Manual Chambers
Magnum Kingdom Of Madness
Really Red Bored With Apathy
Gregory Isaacs Dreams Come True
Marshall Crenshaw First Love
Shattered Faith Mirrors Reflection
Smile Like Dog Dancing Moon

Rye Coalition The Higher The Hair The Closer To God
Katatonia Cold Ways
MaxiwagonOne Mississippi, Parquet
Ruins Der Strudel
Gilbert Isbin Patience
Deadbolt She's Gone Gong Wipdu
London Posse How's Life In London
October 31st The Chosen One

Cubanate Ex, Internal
Murder-Suicide Pact I'll Get You First
Cramps I'm Customized
Assuck Alabaster
Trailer Hitch Square Dancin
Bomb 20 Lory Vs Bomb20
Babe The Blue Ox Betty Davis

Necrophobic Bloodthirst
Pixies Down To The Well

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