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Playlists for Aug 10, 1998

Les Thugs Les Lendemains Qui Chantent
Buzzcocks Noise Annoys
Pitchshifter Triad
Blacktop Rockets Steamroller

Severin Catholic Girl
Dillinger Escape Plan Abe The Cop
Fireballs Of Freedom Von Ferno
Shyster Visitation Hour
Mass Unnamed
Nile Stones Of Sorrow
The Fabulous Prophets Gertrude
Colby Leider Veni Creator Spiritus
Am I Blood Negative

Bomb 20 Wonda What It Takes
Deadbolt Mogimbu
Funeral Oration I Love You
13 Writhe
DidjitsMax Wedge, Stingray
Dystopia Anger Brought By Disease
Factory De Miedo Sangre De Ninos
The Bats The Black And The Blue
Betty Blue Summer Of My Discontent

Blue Oyster Cult The Red & The Black
October 31st Give'em The Axe
Dream Warriors My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
Slips & Sperma Caos Final
Bandit Queen Give It To The Dog
The Haunted Invein
Furious George Pumpkinhead
Fastbreak No Problem Solved

Hova-Lett Nagyfero Bikini Come Of It
Hankshaw Maple
Laughing Us More Than A Man
Covenant Planetarium
4 Color Manual She Fought The Devil, New Makeover 16 :Asian Heat

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