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Playlists for May 6, 1998

Best Kissers In The World 60 Seconds
Nick Drake Things Behind The Sun
Dream Syndicate Tell Me When It's Over
Moonshine Willy Don't Forget
Logical Nonsense Social Delusion
Mount Shasta Brandy For Gerazol
Cheater Slicks Run Away From You

Dark Day The Metal Benders
Cradle Of Filth Desire In Violent Overture
Toe To Toe Ordinary Madness
Curve Alligators Getting Up, Dirty High
Fugazi Floating Boy
Shadows Of Sunset Reflections From Afar

F/I Threshold
Spaceheads Love & Bullets
Snfu She's Not On The Menu
Public Enemy Politics Of The Sneaker Pimps
Angry Son Thrown Away
Godzilla Themes
Disembodied Heroin Fingers
Blacklight Braille Wilderness Of Flowers
Sonics Psycho

Will HavenJune
Abramelin Spiritual Justice
The Up Come On
Electric Frankenstein Electrify Me
The Vss What Kind Of Ticks? , Chemical In Chemistry
Braid Collect From Clark Kent
Hot Water Music Man The Change
Dj Food You Blow My Mind
King Kooba Release The Cracken

Milhouse Communion
The Girls Doggie Auto
Gustav Mahler Part 2 Of Symphony #3 In D Minor Movement Vi
Bevis Frond He Had You

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