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Playlists for Apr 29, 1998

Cheater Misery Town
Lazycain No Train
MotorheadTake The Blame
The Spacewurm Russian Space Pussy
Sort Sol Fire Engine
Mc Solaar Devotion

Buzzcocks 16 Again
Christ Tire Iron
Trailer Bride Yoohoo River
Zeke Kicked In The Teeth
Midvinter All Things To End Are Made
Cheater Slicks Weirdo On A Train

Seaweed Inside
Hypocrisy Request Denied
Electric Frankenstein Monster Demolisher
Panthro Uk United 13 So Much To Hate
Optical To Shape The Future
Minor Threat Seeing Red
Oblivians Pill Popper
Brujeria Marijuana
And Iron Mercury
Abramelin Invocation

Disembodied Gone
Trottel Etc.
Crettins Puddle Vodka& Lime
New Bomb Turks Veronica Lake
Landed Hit The Land
Red Aunts Skeleton Hand
Sonics Have Love Will Travel
Mung Bean Demon Cinzano
Superthrive Unrest
Misfits Last Caress
Gang Starr Work

Sons Of Abraham Nowhere Circles Around A Plastic Toy
Plungers Plungers Theme, Rockin' Usa
Rehabs I Saw Her Standing By The Jukebox
Soilent Green Cat With 9 Claws

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