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Playlists for Apr 22, 1998

Toe To Toe Falling Short
Ed Rush The Raven
Shadows Of Sunset An Ode For The Blackened Moon
Elsa Ecoutez
Squeeze Farfisa Beat

Sulfur Toads Flamenco
Nebula Elevation
Cr Long Short Cut, Watch Your Step
3rd Harmonic Distortion Damn The Wrinkly Rug
Disembodied Dislocation
The Gathering Kevin's Telescope
Turkish Delight Smooth Karate
Royal Trux I'm Ready

Raw Power I Do What I Like, You Are The Victim
Red Monkey Activity Book
Failure Bernie, Magnified
Panthro Uk United 13 Princess
Cornelius Magoo Opening
Cheater Soulmate
Mirageman Obsession
Volatiles I Was A Teenage Enemy Of The State

Braid Breathe In
>>Slow 45 : Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian 3:21 45rpm = 4:26 33rpm
Karp Obstacle Corpse
Rye Coalition Baby Puts Out Old Flames
M.E.S.T. Green Magic
Hoven Droven Slentbjenn
Mayhem Freezing Moon
Josef K Sorry For Laughing
Enemy Soil Facade

Clairmel Far Weather Fan
Converge The High Cost Of Playing God
Boiled In Lead All The Little Horses
Gang Starr Work
Astrud Superman
Gasoline Max Volume
Crucifix Steel Case Enclosure
Ruts Babylons Burning

Cows Eureka Funday
Slick Shoes My So Called Real World
Sons Of Abraham I Would Have Crawled Forever
Dark Day Dont Bother
Horace Pinker Just Around The Corner
Mount Shasta Tang Dynasty

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