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Playlists for Apr 1 , 1998

Reptile Palace OrchestraIste Hendeck, Iste Deve
Only Ones Oh No
Sevvotron Tri Star Wheel Groove
Stickdog Creator
Lord Sterling Rescue
Rig Bleak

Krabathor The Truth About Lies
Plan E Deep
Xtc Sensed Working Overtime
Crom-Tech Wemcrafter Limsniffer
Nebula Vulcan Bomber
Godfrey Daniel Groovin'
Fashion Innocent
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Snowflake Eye
Spine Wrench Soul Scape
Proletariat Voodoo Economics

Scratch My Nose Azaria Vs The Spacemen
Croatan Fastened To The Wall
Band Of Susans Hell Bent
Abramelin Spiritual Justice
The Jerker Wendy

Chrome Bring Em Back
Rebel Truth Child Hosts The Parasie, Moneyman
Millhouse Communion
Headcleaner Sink Or Swim
Damned Lively Arts
Reincarnation Void
Morse Code Lesson  
Motorhead Dogs Of War
Shove Disaster In The Making

Panthro Uk United 13 Alike Kok
Donkey League Of Mature Jazz Friends
The Girls Pedestrian Walk
16 Flaming Head-On Train Wreck
Mount Shasta He's On Planet Dumbass, Barb & The Sailors
Graham Parker Just Like Herman Hesse
Hot Water Music Position
Hai Karate Don't Wanna

Karp Bastard Of Disguise
Buzzcocks What Do I Get
Computer Cougar Too Much
Lost Goat Golem
Lord Runninglam Sweet Little Hats, Flibberty Jib

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