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Playlists for Mar 25, 1998

Germs Richie Dagger's Crime
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Puzzled Into Pieces
Patti Smith Pumping My Heart
Panel Donor Falco Likes It
Necrophobic Spawned By Evil
Mx80 Sound Tidal Wave

Bauhaus Dive
Black Flag Forever Time
Human League Circus Of Death
El Dopa Decomposing
I Start Counting Grass Snake
Amorphis Moon & Sun Part 2, North's Son
Sonic Youth Kill Your Idols
Hot Water Music Man The Change
Chills Part Past Part Fiction
Lord High Fixers Makin' Time
Fall Totally Wired

Multiplex Inside Out
My Name Rumpled Blanket
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstar
Last Of Sgs Bye To Bags
Bigwig Falling Down
Gaia Push Push
100 Flowers Presence Of Mind
Napalm Death Bled Dry

Amoeba Raft Boy Karma Bank
Flux Of Pink Indians Neu Smell/Tube Disaster
Therion To Megatherion
Shizuo Emptiness
Man Or Astroman Don't Think What Jack
S[Arkmarker The Way She Moves

Pere Ubu Final Solution
Bhang Dextro Itatu
Zeni Geva Freedom Bondage
Ec8or Notorious 30s
Buzzcocks Lipstick
Skull Control Modern Love

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