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Playlists for Mar 18, 1998

Iggy Pop 5'1"
Milk Cult Son Of Obituary
Guitar Wolf Midnight Violence Rock And Roll
Servotron Serve, Obey, Guard Men From Harm
Logical Nonsense Hypo Christian
Gehenna Manifestation
Atari Teenage Riot Speed
Chrome Mountain In The Middle
Uk Subs Tomorrows Girls

Bad Brains Supertouch/Shitfit
Pagans Not Now/No Way
Pugs Spock On Miss Gloria
Anthrax Metal Thrashing Mad
Modern English Swans On Glass

Pitch Shifter Triad
X Your Phone's Off The Hook
Best Kissers In The World 4 Letter Name For Lame
Quintron Road Hog
Heroin Leave
Punishment Of Luxury Puppet Life
Hellacopters Tilt City

Mc Solaar Caroline
Komputer Looking Down On London
Nebula Down The Highway
Rf7 Precious Life
Motorhead Desperate For You
Soul Side Bass
Gerty Farish Soaring Poop

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