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Playlists for Feb 11,1998

Nashville Pussy First Look At The Purse
Consolidated Our Leader
Birthday Party The Friend Catcher
The Mullens Your Little Scene
Computer Cougar Good Morning
Dj Nut Nut Special Dedication

Taped Live At WfmuPanel Donor Ana/Kata,
Ecto Nocturne,
Jersey Lilly,
Koon Yick Wah Kee

Hyperspherian Activation
Panel Donor Jean Seberg Story

Taped Live At WFMU Panel Donor Sad Orienteer,
Surprise Bath,
Eye & Ear Infirmary,
Word That Won't

Panel DonorSniper At The Gates Of Dawn
Falco Likes It

Godheadsilo Braincloud, In The Air Tonight
Samael My Savior
5, 6, 7, 8's Pinheel Stomp
No Fun At All Your Feeble Mind
In Flames Worlds Within The Margin
Mo-Dettes White Mice
Flat Duo Jets My Life My Love

Hot Water Music Powder
Helios Creed Sonic Boom
Sons Of Abraham What Brings May Flowers
Fat Day Some Stuff..
Joy Division Transmission
D.A.B. Sanctuary Of The Dead Gods

Ninj/Laswell Maroon Rebellion
Alice Cooper Return Of The Spiders
Geezer Lake Midnight Crackerjack
FightersGreen Light
Brutality Destroyed By Society
Methodone Actors Blackberry Jane's (Gone To La)
Cramps Cramp Stomp, God Monster

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