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Playlists for Jan 14, 1998

Godheadsilo Time To Feed The Pythons
Princess Tiny Meat Sloblands
Pitch Shifter Whiteout
Chisel The Guns Of Meridian Hill
The Gobbler Jungle-Style Chicken
Par N Pokus Le Volga
Skull Control Suburban Suicide

Rites Of Spring Hidden Wheel
Ojo Rojo The Sheep
Television The Fire
Sleeper Splinter
Hellchild To Find The Unknown
Laibach Power
Dock Boggs New Prisoner's Song
Subhumans Big City
Unwound Laugh Track

Blank Guillotine Lullaby
Lard Moths
Zen Guerilla Swamp
Helios Creed America Is In Good Hand
Panacea Untitled B Side
Dismember Bred For War
Current 93 Black Sun Bloody Moon
Gerty Farish Soaring Poop

Stack Ballastexistenzen,
Silence Is Golden,
Forever Resolute,
Bury The Myth,
I Don't Want You
Skozey Fetisch Track 2
Pivot Drain, 60 Clicks
Mc5 Tuttie Fruittie
Blacktop Cadence I Don't Do Well In Social Situations
Home Made Revolutions
Slow 45 David Bowie- Blue Jean 3:08 At 45, 4:14 At 33 Rpm
Gehenna Covet Thy Crown

Hot Water Music Man The Change
Black Flag What I See
Strip Miners Please Chief
Sweet Pea Sueno House
Lost Goat Golem
Joe Tex Skinny Legs & All
Tallow Silverback

Hypocrisy Evil Invaders
Helmet Bad Moon, Sinatra

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