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Playlists for Jan 7, 1998

Motorhead Another Perfect Day
All Natural Lemon 'n' Lime Flavors Spaun
Xtc Making Plans For Nigel
In Flames Dialogue With The Stars
Gerty Farish Make Way For Matt

Brainiac Brat Girl
Mercury Players Hollywood Or Bust
Insomniacs You Can Be My Baby
The Now Noise Song #4
Acrid Mindspasms
Alien Planetscapes Love Shack Radio
Hot Water Music Us & Chuck

Wynona Ryders Drownded
Vas Deferens Organization Tao City Hovercraft
The Hal Al Shedad Local Seeing
Betty Blue Fist
Zipgun Togethe Dumb
The Wall Hobby For A Day
Bongzilla Hemp For Victory
Usuals Orange Boy

MulchmenSwivel Hipster Shake
Non Millstones
Earthmover Libertas Pugilis
Dirt Clod Fight Where It's Beautiful
Gehenna Covet They Crown
War W/Eric Burdon Spill The Wine
Panel Donor Auto Inferno
97a Suppressed
Slow 45Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World 45-4:10 33-5:38
Hypocrisy Last Vanguard

Die Cheerleader Massive Tangled Muscle
Rev Head Killjoy
Seaweed Carousel
Lemons Half The Way
Easybeats Friday On My Mind
Radio Birdman Burn My Eye
Crematory The Loss
Under Class Jihad
Home Made Our Of Reach

Nostromo Selfish Blues
Ruido De Rabia Revolucion Cosmica
The Dirtbombs Infrared
For Against Times Square Go-Go Boy
Shudder To Think Corner Of My Eye
Agathocles One Day Fly
God Dethroned Sickening Harp Rasps

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