Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 10, 1997


Super Junky Monkey Decide
Nomeansno Rise
Sepultura Infected Voice
Oblivians W/Quintron What's The Matter Now
Thaw Walls
Guzzard Tex
Lord High Fixers Buzz

Swingin' Utters Next In Line
Moss Icon Cricketty Rise
Crematory Temple Of Love
Ff Gone For Good
Hot Water Music Man The Change
Panel Donor Oh Dumplin

Voice Of Reason Gear, Evident Truth
Outsiders Time Won't Let Me
Godflesh Mothra
Decibels Kiss Me Caroline
Angst Pa Den Andre Sida
Flugschadel Apfelkrautsalami
Deerhoof The Comedian Flavorists
Acrostichon Pain

Monkeystick Love Song
Cavity Goin' Ann Arbor
Dj Wally Possi Purple
Eldopa (1332) Decomposing
Sylvers Boogie Fever
Vas Deferens Organization Reverie

Agathocles Ice Brick
Apartment 213 Endless Killing
Rig Warthole
Killing Joke Empire Song
Lazy Cowgirls Name Droppin Son Of A Bitch
Dicks Dicks Hate Police
Fudge Tunnel Persecuted
Dead & Gone Trainwreck
Donna Summer Bad Girls
Scared Of Chaka Cashed Out
Home Made Revolutions

Hellchild To Find The Unknown
Dismember Let The Napalm Rain
Farkcus Affair Ramada Inn
Betty Blue Heavenly Creatures
Tired From Now On No End To The Day
Mamoru Fujieda Plant Pattern #3
Ojo Rojo Collapse

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