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Playlists for nov 26, 1997

Rip Rig & Panic Keep The Sharks From Your Heart
Home Made Now & Then
Gits It All Dies Anyway
Guitar Wolf Midnight Violence Rock & Roll
59 Times The Pain Today Is The Day
Garden Variety Unsound

Men's Club Woman Driver
Einsturzende Neubauten Armenisch Bitter
Crematory Maze, Lord Of Lies
Asshole Parade Bury You
Graeme Gerrard Anistropy
Brainiac Go Freaks Go

Ascension Infusion
Cavity Open Transom
Faith No More Rv
Chris Butler Thief
Chain Gang Son Of Sam
Thud Ventilator, Blind Judgment
Ken Ishii Drum Teller
Thrones Gifthorse

Effigies Bodybag
Face No Names
Cemment Commit A Crime
Blood Duster Chuck
Today Is The Day Kill Yourself
Crevice Even I Have Seizures
Radicts Rebel Sound

3 International
Saccharine Trust Emotions & Anatomy
Hot Water Music Position
Electric Frankenstein Fractured
Cargo Cult Cargo Cult
Will Haven Climbing Out This Bottle
Lazy Cowgirls I'll Tell You Why
Funkdoobiest On The Premises
Deerhoof Itchy P Pads
Logical Nonsense Unable To, Headfirst
Blacktop Cadence Forty Two

Vice Squad Out Of Reach
New Jersey Kings The Monkey Drop
Pachinko 5c Hustler Part 2 - Trouble In Vegas

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