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Playlists for Nov 12, 1997

Tattoo Of Pain Age Of Corruption
Faxed Head Wyoming Hair
Brutal Truth Dead Smart
Porcelain Boys Broke
Warm Wires Hard To Lose A Son
Meshuggah Future Breed Machine

Killdozer Porky's Dad
Tank Walking Barefoot Over Glass
Bikini Kill New Radio
Residents Teddy Bear
Ojo Rojo Choking On What's Real
Hot Water Music Recliner
Swingin' Neckbreakers I Took My Baby Home

Womanhaters Cry 816
Logical Nonsense Death Approach
Will Haven Foreign Film
Cemetary Bitter Seed
Sweet Ballroom Blitz
Snuff Soul Limbo
Hybernoid Kullu
Roedelius Aufbruch
Lazy Cowgirls Montana

Hellchild Clockwork Toy (Japan)
Idiot Flesh Drowning
Kilara Threefold, Travels Of A Handgun
Pest 5000 Where The Moon Is
Johnnie Ray Paths Of Paradise
Friend Rennaisonance (Sweden)
Guitar Wolf Far East Man
Black Sabbath Planet Caravan

Stuntman Weave To The Rt.
Cheater Slicks I'm Coming Home
Jermflux Arvis Purvis
Marshall H Waltz With The Aliens
Sicko A Song About A Rabbit
Esp Freak Funk
James Taylor Quartet Selectivity
Swervedriver Mm Abduction

Horace Pinker Pop Can Park

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