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Playlists for Nov 5, 1997

Meshuggah Future Breed Machine
Hellchild Live In The Studio Caress Wounds, Clockwork Toy, To Find The Unknown, Sea-The Blue, In Search For The Scattered, In Words-For Words
Brutal Truth Average People
Electric Wizard Chrononaut

Bombs Of Death Germination
Evil Powers Me Damn It All
Dimmu Borgir Spellbound
Edge Of Sanith Silent
Necros Reject
Brujeria Matando Gueros
Strain Remorse
Will Haven Extinguish

Gore The Bank
Eldopa (1332) The Burning
Lama Bussi
New Bomb Turks Grounded Ex Patriot
Witches Black Sorcerer
Logical Nonsense Grey Skies
Kilara Dream, Nightingale

Facepuller Prime Miss
Ubzub Candy Cane Lane, The Box
No Knife Testing The Model
Headcleaner Klo-Dean
Hot Water Music Rock Singer
Faxed Head Element Of Life
Black Sabbath Orchid, Lord Of This World

Janitor Joe Under The Knife
Stiffs Other
Ojo Rojo A Show Of Force
The Abyss Blessed Withe The Wrath Of Evil
Men's Club Woman Driver
Pink Flamingos The Big Nothing Crawls, Sink Down In Chaos
Oblivians Big Black Hole
Hellchild In The Midst Of Happiness

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