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Playlists for Oct 29, 1997

Eldopa (1332) 1332
Ultra Bide Loop
Plan E Dry (Finland)
Croatan Climbing Olympus

The Slowest Clock Where's Andi
Today Is The Day Kill Yourself
Greengate Blue Sky
Samael Messengers Of The Light
Hula Get The Habit
Staple Singers I'll Take You There
Hot Water Music 220 Years
Logical Nonsense Head First

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp 79 Lemon
Idiot Flesh Teen Devil Worshipper Jonathan Cantero's List Of Activities For The 12th Of October
Catharsis Every Man For Himself
Pegboy Liberace Hat Trick
Phlegm Calling All C*Nts, What A Wonderful F*Cking World
Thorr's Hammer Troll
Warm Wires Lead Eraser
Link Wray I Can't Help It

X Beyond And Back
Hulabaloo Lubritorium , Bone Of Contention
Pet Ufo Page 354
Wess & The Airdales Black Out (Italy)
Suffocation Liege Of Inveracity
Cavity Chase

Fireballs No Brain
Rubbish Heap Path Of Lies
The Need Crown
Panthro Uk United 13 World Class Adult Entertainment, I'm Still Sick
Godflesh Flowers
Strawman What Goes Down

Destroy All Monsters You Can't Kill Kill
Panel Donor Auto Inferno
Brutal Truth Die Laughing
The Fall Levitate
No Knife Median
lowercase Neurashenia

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