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Playlists for Oct 22, 1997

Wire Being Sucked In Again
Kilara Succubus
Moby Ah Ah
Shove Cretin Vandalia

Corrupted Paso Inferior
Turmoil Choke
Porcelain Boys Green Skies
Cheer Accident Whitewash
Eldopa (1332) The Calm
Grimble Grumble Future; The Only Point Of Entry
Ac Song No. 8
Bullet Lavolta Sunshine

Essential Logic Popcorn Boy
Rubbish Heap Dependent
The Jimmy Castor Bunch It's Just Begun
Manliftingbanner No Compromise
Hot Water Music Turnstile
Warm WiresI'm Soft
Hilt Septic

Guitar Wolf Let's Get Hurt
Brutal Truth Average People
Hellchild In Words-For Words
Ojo Rojo Gunshotecho
Panthro Uk United 13 World Class Adult Entertainment
Slow 45 : 10cc I'm Not In Love 45 -3:40, 33 -5:06
Edge Of Sanity Damned By The Damned

Treepeople Clouds & Faces
Idiot Flesh Twitch
X Blue Spark
Patti Smith1959
Lost Goat Rising
29 Died Addams Family Theme
Link Wray Moped Baby

Aphex Twin Funny Little Man
Gehenna Angel Wings & Raven Claws
Clairmel Falling On 4 Ears
Will Haven Mason

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