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Playlists for Oct 15, 1997


Ass Baboons Of Venus Coquette Fricasee
Cavity Chase
Battery Say It
Edge Of Sanity Forever Together Forever
Mourn I Die Yet Live On
Future Sounds Of London The Far Out Son Of Lung & The Ramblings Of Madman

Crownhate Ruin Better Still If They Don't Know
Ojo Rojo Trapped Inside
Lowercase She Takes Me
Toys Went Beserk Brand New Life
Unleashed Death Metal Victory
Autumn Leaves Theme To Autumn Leaves
Panel Donor Surprise Bath

Today Is The Day Rabid Lassie
DisengageJesus On My Knee
Craw Killer Microbes Devour Cleveland
Meshuggah Future Breed Machine
Public Image Socialist
Cosmic Psychos Breathless
Stiffs Inc.All My Hate
Damned Citadel

Playmate Upside Down
Catharsis 100 Years
Deadbolt El Sadistico
Kekkotronics & Ltj First Job
Choreboy The Walls Are Closing In
Intestine Baalism Alastor Possess
Pegboy Hey Look I'm A Cowboy

Seething Grey Crackerbarrel
Bombs Of Death Germination, Blank Expression - Inward Destruction
Ff Endless Confusion
Collide Felix The Cat
El Dopa (1332) Slave
Pixies Wave Of Mutilation
Lawnmower Deth Somebody Call Me A Taxi

Panthro Uk United 13 I'm Still Sick
November Grief Spine Worm
Sons Of Hercules Snake People
Baboon A Sip For Strength
Warm Wires More Poison
Scrotum Grinder Invisible

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