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Playlists for Oct 8, 1997


Laibach Opus Dei
Chemical People Let It Go
No Knife Roped In - Lock On
Catharsis Sacred & Profane
Vanbuilderass Choices

Fu Manchu Evil Eye
Steel Miners Blues & Reds
Cavity One Last Broken
Vibrators Baby, Baby
Shut Up Depressions
Vopos Let Them Look At Theirselves
Impaled Nazarene Impure Orgies

Panel Donor Falco Likes It
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Jayne Mansfield Superstar
Fruitcake Aorta
Big Drill Car In Disguise
Hot Water Music Rock Singer
Acid King Full Reverse

Cheetah Chrome/Mike Hudson Downtown Beirut
Rubbish Heap Guilty
Warzone Nothing To Lose
Today Is The Day Hermaphrodite
John Von RyanThings Happen
Kilara 3rd Eye
Cosmic Psychos Moll
Dimmu Borgir Relinquishment Of Spirit & Flesh

Acrid Elementary
Baboon Box Rotter
World Inferno Friendship Society The Evil Dance Of Nosliw Pilf
Ruins Hydromasgroningem
Gutbucket Rote
Cut Rate Box The Jeffersons Theme
The Last Don't Care

Omoide Hatoba Pikadom
16 Fucked For Life
Excruciating Terror Life Ends
Iabhorer Hoofed Locust
The Fall I'm A Mummy
Chokebore Thin As Clouds
Pegboy Dangermare
Twitch The Fantastic Zero

Homemade Now & Then

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