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Playlists for Oct 1, 1997

My Name Rumpled Blanket
Hot Water Music Floor
Man Or Astroman Junk Satellite
Bloodsport Ghosts Of Scrooge
Citizen Fish Conditional Silence
Beatles Piggies

Shove Ride The Wheel
Cemetary Fields Of Fire
Noble "Thin Man" Watts & His Rhythm Sparks Flap Jack
The Normal Warm Leatherette
Discordance AxisAlzheimer
Alice Cooper Cold Ethyl
Falling Down Reflecting Images
Baboon Numb
Dickies Stuck In A Condo With Marlon Brando

Dillinger Escape Plan I Love Secret Agents
Seething Grey Sullivan
Foetus Today I Started Slogging Again
Clikatat Ikatowi Feeding Of The Birds
Pachinko Uncle Ratty
Rick Ocasek Fix On You
El Dopa Decomposing

Mount Shasta Minnesota Massage
Panel Donor Word That Won't
Mourn A Song Dedicated To..
Egg Hunt We All Fall Down
Satyricon Du Som Hater Gud
Slow 45 Selection Reo Speedwagon -Keep On Loving You 3:22-454:26-33
Motorhead America
Stiffs Inc Engineering (Cubed)
Brutal Truth Promise

Today Is The Day Miracle
Shizuo The Duty
Disassociate The Plan
Catharsis Bow Down
Dimmu Borgir Spellbound
Honor Role Anonymous Cave
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Chemical Cop Out

Grave In Love
Brujeria Marijuana
Iggy Pop 5'1"
Moby James Bond Theme
Dismember Misanthropic
Dicks Dicks Hate The Police
7000 Dying Rats To Make A Long Story Short

Cavity Intro #2
Scrotum Grinder Pine Box
Bombs Of Death Germination
Intestine Baalism Blasphemy Ressurected

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