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Playlists for Sept 10, 1997

Laibach Jesus Christ Superstar
Les Thugs As Happy As Possible
No Use For A Name A Postcard Would Be Nice
Testament Murky Waters
Drunks With Guns Hell House

Impure Wilhemina Self-Denial
Swingin' Neckbreakers Better Times
Integrity Drowning In Envy, Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny
Splatterheads 3,2,1
Sea Monkeys Bachelor Swami
Shizuo Tight
Damad Addict Arcade
Dr. Caligari's Cabinet Friends Of The Deceased

Legendary Pink Dots On High
WeirdosHit Man
The Who Armenia City In The Sky
Will Haven I've Seen My Fate
Turbonegro A Dazzling Display Of Talent, Mobile Home
Hot Water Music The Sleeping Fan
Neeneh Cherry Buffalo Stance

Sons Of Hercules Bad Timing
Dimmu Borgir The Night Masquerade
Dillinger Escape Plan Cleopatra's Sling
Bolt Thrower The Shreds Of Sanity
Mechanical Bride Swamp Thing
Scrotum Grinder Hot Air Not Fire, Invisible
Orb Toxygene
Egg Hunt We All Fall Down
El Dopa The Burning

No Knife Charades
Lowercase Severance Denied
The Crabs Confess & Sea Turtles
Decomposers Death Hillbilly
Satyricon Forhekeset
Positive State My Only Friend
Operation Re-Information Oh No The Horse!
Sportsguitar Reliable

Shove Socktan
Slow 45 Selection Inxs - Need You Tonight 3:01 45rpm4:03 33 Rpm
Maximum Penalty Life Jacket
Three Dodger
Within Temptation Blooded
Hose Got Cable Antidisestablishmentarianismesque

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