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Playlists for Sept 3,1997

Cramps Can't Find My Mind
Will Haven Mason
Crack Up Sappy Restrain
Pay Neuter Boundaries
Scanner Vs Signs Ov Chaos Michael Jackson

Scrotum Grinder Invisible
Dead Boys High Tension Wire
Tenderloin B, B & B
Dissolve 8 Wire
Teponem Pal Blow Me Out
Dismember Afterimage
Orphanage Ancient Rhymes
Slow 45 Selection; Santana Black Magic Woman45rpm-3:15, 33rpm - 4:30
Humpers Mutate With Me
Gob The Other Way

Turbonegro I Got ErectionAss Cobra Lp On Sftri
Ninefinger Cornered
Clock Dva Blue Tone
Sundown As Time Burns
Tones On Tail Burning Skies
Tiki Tones Night Of The Tikis
Click Click Sweet Stuff
No Use For A Name On The Outside
Tired From Now On A Friend-No Trend-The End

Guzzard Pinch
Lizgizzad Untitled
El Dopa Someone Saw God
Crucial Truth In The Night
Paradise Lost Another Day
PugsSpock On (Miss Gloria)

Cavity Scalpel
Lowercase Rare Anger
No Knife Hit Man Dreams
In The Nursery Breach Birth
Dillinger Escape Plan I Love Secret Agents
Dimmu Borgir Spellbound
Unsane Vandal X
Come Strike

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