Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Aug 27, 1997


Mog Stunt Team Avenger
Shizuo Sweat
Flamin' GrooviesLouie Louie
Turbonegro Bad Mongo
Auntie Christ I Don't
Dillinger Escape Plan Monticello

Panthro Uk United 13 Spartacus
Exodus Pirahna
Evil Powers Me Kill
Trio Da Da Da
Thrall I Want You
Fragment Discipline
Pay Neuter Absence
Positive State We'll March W/Open Arms
Electric Frankenstein Pure & Simple

Cemment Commit A Crime
Coldcut Daddy Rips It Up
Anathema Pentecost Iii
Logical Nonsense Hatework
Dismember Shadowlands
The Crows Crow Bar
Etta James Tell Mama
Shove Post Flight-Pre Trial

Lagwagon Today
El Dopa Headache
Hot Water Music North & About
Punchbuggy Swimming Pool
Dimmu Borgier A Succubus In Rapture
Oblivians What's The Matter Now
Deerhoof 2

Rev Head Killjoy
Metallica & Dj Spooky For Whom The Bell Tolls
Dave Edmunds Down Down Down
Alcohol Funnycar Try To Understand
DragsPrivate Eye
The Haters Stain
Scrotum Grinder Geld

Paradise Lost Soul Courageous
Yximalloo The Desk-Smile!
Lockweld Machines Of War
Hard To Swallow Eyespot
Blood Of Abraham Life
Incantation Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish

No Knife Rebuilding Jericho

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