Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for August 20,1997


Delta 72 The Cut
Merzbow Micromedley
Buzzov-En Toe Fry
Didjits The Pot Thief
Us Bombs Spaghetti
Earthcorpse Lifeless(Uk)

Pay NeuterProphecy, BoundariesDead Inside Lp
Tee Pee Label
Die Kreuzen Gone Away
No Knife Jack Boots
Hot Water Music Turnstile
Wipers Sign Of The Times
Electric Frankenstein Deal With It
Dimmu Borgir The Night Masquerade

Impetus Inter Ap Hardcore
Boiled In Lead Pontiaka
Candiria : Year One Beyond Reasonable Doubt CD Too Damn Hype Label
Warm Wires Angel Came Down
Disfear WeakSoul Scars CD
Forced Expression History Lesson, Confused & Hungry
Elvis Costello Oliver's Army
Locust Off By A Long Shot, Cattle Mutilation

Jesuit Suicide King
Bombs Of Death Germination, Blank Expression-Inward Destruction
Mog Stunt Team 5PostmanKing Of The Retards CD
Amrep Label
Spelling Bee
Sea Monkeys Saturday Morning
Broken Hope Hobo Stew
Wire 40 Versions
Link Wray Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)
Violent Onsen Geisha Mr. Russ Tamblinman
Fall R.O.D.

Incantation Shadows From The Ancient Empire
FragmentFangeTronc CD
Snuff Label
El DopaSlave1332 CD
East Bay Menace Label
Fu ManchuSolid Hex
Panthro Uk United 13 World Class Adult EntertainmentEp No Idea Label
Joneses Pill Box
Los Cowslingers Mexican Blackbird

Compos Mentis Cythrawl
Jfa Julie's Song
The Satelliters 4 Steps To Her
Zany Guys Ballroom Blitz
Paradise Lost Soul CourageousOne Second Lp
Logical NonsenseWhat's LeftSoul Pollution CD
Tee Pee Label
El Dopa Wrong End Of The Gun

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