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Playlists for Aug 6, 1997


Skids The Saints Are Coming
Ken Ishii Ethos 9Jelly Tones CD
Candiria TribesBeyond Reasonable Doubt CD
Polio MacaqueSplit With Sap 45

Epoch Of Unlite The Infinite Cycle Of The Unborn Lord
Sevendust Bitch
Fleshgrind Anger
Incantation Scream Bloody Gore
Obituary Killing Time, The End Complete

Sadistic Intent Return To The Eve
Napalm Death Breed To Breed
Absu Infinite & Profane Thrones
Exodus Brain Dead
Sod Freddy Kruger

Deathkids Soul Searching
Avernus Thousand Spirits
Morgion Basking Under A Black Sun Dawning
Earth Crisis The Discipline
Kataklysm Once Upon PossessionSorcery CD
Brutality Waiting To Be Devoured
Hypocrisy Roswell 47

Venom Manitou
Cavity Perserverance
Flugschadel V-Dee, Riesige Gepanerte Luftshiffe
Cynics Lose Your Mind
Assuck Anticapital
Daisy Chainsaw Dog With Sharper Teeth
Jud Jud Gallop

Social Unrest Rat In A Maze
Lurkers Aint' Got A Clue
Man Or Astroman Joker's Wild
Sonic Youth Total Trash
Hot Water Music Incisions

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