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Playlists for July 30, 1997


Ultra Bide Sleepin' On Bowery Street
Gang Of Four 5:45
Order From Chaos Labyrinthe Whispers
Branch Manager Nathan's Pets & Auto Supplies
Die Krupps Kuss Den Stahl

Pink Flamingos Pink Purple, Stalkers, New Chains For The Poor
Cabaret Voltaire Red Mask, Split Second Feeling
Damad Second Hand
Pink Flamingos Stalker, New Chains For The Poor
Avernus Thousand Spirits
Divisia War

Stump Wizards Stagnant Pool
Trial Of The Bow Serpent
Sepultura Inhuman Nature
Better Than A Thousand We Spoke Our Minds
Electric Frankenstein Not With U
El Dopa Headache
Bush Tetras In Mind A Run, Das Ah Dub
Hot Water Music Trademark
Spizzenergi Where's Captain Kirk?
Eyeliners 6 Years
Dimmu Borgir Spellbound
Hybernoid Mind/Liberty

59 Times The Pain Too Late
Sloppy Seconds Come Back Traci
Brian Eno Swanky
Inner Thought Rack Of Lethargy
Locust Cattle Mutilation, #99, Head Hits Concrete, Hairspray Suppository
Minor Threat Seeing Red
James Taylor Quartet Man 0
Absu Descent To Acheron
Vertigo Bad Syd
Mindrot Nothing

Mau Maus Society's Rejects, Secret Society
Drooler King Of The Coalmine
The Steve Mcqueens I Wanna Go Out With You
Slow 45 SelectionSteam Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 45-3:42, 33-5:02
Scalp Lock Things To Poke You
Sonny Boy Williamson Keep It To Yourself
Strongbox Died Of A Theory

Drags Not So Good Luck Charm

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