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Playlists for July 16, 1997

Fleshtones Panic
Ratatratr Redknecks & Ragheads
Edge Of Sanity Darkday
Lowercase Stairways
Suffer One Step Closer
El Dopa The Burning

Sodom Blasphemer
Zeni Geva Burn Your Flesh Out
Napalm Death Take The Strain
Dictators Steppin' Out
Die Krupps The Machineries Of Joy - Wahre Arbeit Wahre Lohn
Impetus Inter Surrender Summary
Oblivians She's A Hole
Yello Bostitch
Sick Little Monkey Cik Gars,Tik Plats
Carla & Martha Drowned

Dickies You Drive Me Ape - You Big Gorilla
Psychic Tv Hagseed
Dicks Executive Dive
7 Foot Spleen Without Thumbs
Minor Threat Small Man- Big Mouth
De La Soul Ring Ring Ring
Branch Manager Anything Tribal
Toys Went Berserk Brand New Life

Logical Nonsense Everyday Stagnation
59 Times The Pain Face The Truth
Locust Halfway To A Worthless Ideal Arrangement, Prepare To Qualify, Kill Roger Hedgecock
Croatan Standing Fact To Face With Reason
Drooler King Of The Coalminer
Rye Coalition The Buzzard
El Dopa Decomposition

Mothman Limbo
Apartment 213 Follow The Flock, Deserve To Die
El Caminos Exodus
Descendents Sour Grapes
Sleeping Body Logogram
Uk Subs Sabre Dance
Watabout Hjarndod
Poison Idea Cold Comfort
Bhang Dextro Bogyman

Devoid Of Faith Shark Fin Soup
Damad Out From Within
Hot Water Music Freightliner
Towel Nunu
Scalp Lock Things To Poke You

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