Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for July 2, 1997


Faxed Head Could Eckankar Help?
Iggy & The Stooges Gimme Danger
Pitch Shifter Gravid Rage
Pelt Speedy West Massaker
Cleanser Failure To Comply
59 Times The Pain Once Proud To Be
Hell's Kitchen Brake Check

Lard I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog
Cathedral Soul Sacrifice
Oblivians Feel Alright
Brighter Death Now Innerwar
Xavier Cugat Goldfinger
Endeavor Famous Potatoes
Electric Eels Safety Week
Man Is The Bastard Death's Dirge, Tank Killer

Bhang Dextro Bogyman
Napalm Death If Symptoms Persist
Croatan No Exit
Mighty Sphincter Furious Curse
Ray Charles Alabamy Bound
Damad Dementia
Drag Guardian Angel

None Left Standing Flowers & Candy
Head Of David Snake Domain
Morgion Travesty
9353 Bypartizoa
Fred Schneider Sugar In My Hog
Knut Bound
Heart Attack Victim's Inquisition
Sinkhole Tumble Mat

Pink Flamingos Pink Purple,Stalker
Deniz Tek Group Clear Itself
Skeletal Earth It Came From The Skies
The Eyeliners Secret Spy
Pennywise Pennywise
Helivator Esquimeaux
Rye Coalition 300 Foxes
Stillsuit Another Bad Movie

Sister Machine Gun Don't Let Me Down
Obituary Dead Silence
Bugskull Vacancy
Krabathor Orthodox
Dana Dane Nightmares
Buzzkill Kicked My Dad

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