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Playlists for June 18, 1997


Marshmallow Overcoat Echoes In Time
59 Times The Pain Don't Belong Here
Profane Games Of Desecration
Helldorado Jesco Way

Live In The Wfmu StudioTowel (S.F.)
-Scottzy's Song, Nunu, Old New,
Metal Object, Heavy We Like

Dead Boys Hey Little Girl
Krabathor Apocrypha

Live In The Studio Towel
- Pig Pucker, Communique, Gnuest

David Byrne Wicked Little Doll
Buzzov-En To A Frown
Grassy Knoll Slow Steady Salvation
Not Breathing The Ventilator
Tallow Spread

Mass Someone Else
Laibach Illumination
Godflesh Gift From Heaven (In Dub)
3 Years Down Hothead
A Tribe Called Quest I Left My Heart In El Segundo
Blank Guillotine Lullaby
Ted Nugent Stranglehold

The Gaia Wa-Na
Pachinko Rickey
Devoid Of Faith Human Storage
Strain Remorse
Within Temptation Blooded
Broken Hope High On Formaldehyde

Knut Spit
Negative Reaction Kevorkian's Innocence
Jack Kevorkian A Very Still Life
Today Is The Day The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
Goops City Slang
Lagwagon Razor Burn
Freaky Machine Soul

Mick Farren And The Deviants It's All In The Picture
Gbh Harmony

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