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Playlists for June 11, 1997

Nicodemus & Gravitar It's An Idiot's Life
Ll Cool J I'm That Type Of Guy
Morgion Travesty

Lake Of Dracula Coconut Wine
Ninefinger Shadow
Tsol Wash Away
Davenport Hydrant
Zipgun Put Me Away
Toy Dolls Geordie's Gone To Jail
Amorphis The Brother-Slayer
Towel Heavy We Like

Belt Black & Tan
The Id The Rake
Sons Of Hercules Crawling Back
Throbbing Gristle Track 2 Off Heathen Earth Live
Brutality Calculated Bloodshed
Bugskull Last Train To The Elfin Village
4 Hour Window Clouds In My Head

Faxed Head Gore & Guts
Testament Murky Waters
Adolescents The Liar
Electric Eels Safety Week
Refused Rather Be Dead
Controllers Another Day
Auntie ChristI Don't
Subarachnoid Space Flicker

PolyphemusFor Malissa Jean
Gbh Shakin Hands With The Machine
Ruido De Rabia Y Cantan Para Que Duerma
Lard Generation Execute
Facepuller Gearbox
Sundown Synergy
Croatan Sister Of Pain

Monster X Masada
Dead Boys Cauth With The Meat In Your Mouth'
Samael Rite Of Cthulu
Devoid Of Faith Conquest
Salt N Pepa Push It
Varukers Murder

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