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Playlists for April 23, 1997


Wayne Kramer No Easy Way Out
Cabaret Volataire Nag Nag Nag1978
Download Im5
Count Basie House Rent Boogie1947
Zeni Geva Disgraceland 1993 45

Sparkmarker Keep The Quarter"500wattburneratseven" Crisis CD
The Abyss Blessed With The Wrath Of Evil
Johnny Thunders/Patty Paladin I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Curd Duca Nervous
Chemical BrothersGet Up On It Like This
The Gaia Last War
Today Is The Day Execution Style
Future Sound Of London We Have Explosive

16 Sail Rabbit
Steadfast Because Of Me
Voivod Moonbeam Rider
Bunny Wailer Dance Massive
Captain Sensible Wot
Apocalyptica Creeping Death
David Rose Orchestra Walkin & Strippin

Disassociate Envy The Dead
Roky Erickson Don't Slander Me
Mundane Drowning In The Mainstream(Canada)
Strain Altar(Canada)
Varukers Fake(Uk)
Humpers Anemia
Dj Carhouse/Mc Hellshit Deadsky Walker(Japan)
Brutal Truth Hypocrite Invasion
Slow 45 : Daddy DewdropChick A Boom 2:40 At 45rpm, 3:53 At 33rpm

Spinewrench Heeldrag(Uk)
Evilution Ritual Killing
Cher Bang Bang
Gob Raised In A Barn
Infested Who They Are
Postmortem 25 Cromwell Street(Germany)
Not Breathing Electromagnetic Disembowler (Sic)(Uk)
Swans 24 Hours
Yellboy Fall

Pennywise Final Day
Therion In The Desert Of Set
Gary Numan Are Friends Electric
Tired From Now On Fear Me As A Dictator
Claw Hammer Queen's Lead Helmet

BrainiacMr Thumb

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