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Playlists for Apr 16, 1997

Apr 16, 1997

Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money
Rawfrucht Mini Mercado
Lyres I Really Want You Right Now
5 X 9 Reconstruction
Summertime Daisies Sucking Point
Saint Vitus The Creeps

Ton Ups Kill Me Slow
The Bobby Hammack Combo Power House
Supersuckers Dead In The Water
Agents Of Satan Black Metal Bat,Goatskrote
Plan E The Cosmic Point(Finland)
Satan's Pilgrims Devil's Punchbowl
Hybernoid Technology/ Regression (Uk)
Acme Blind(Belgium)
Karp Bacon Industry

Chokebore It Could Ruin Your Day
Corrupted Nadie
Kiss Cold Gin
Sea Monkeys Saturday Morning
Funeral Oration Hard To The Core
Tenderloin Big Iron
Pet Ufo Washington Ave
Cannibal & The Headhunters Land Of 1000 Dances
Brujeria Marijuana

Chemical Brothers Lost In The K-Hole
Abba Gimme Gimme Gimme
Weston Red Head Girl
Pennywise Running Out Of Time
Dj Carhouse/Mc Hellshit Ufo Made Me Do It
Amen How Will It Be?
Faxed Head The Four Freshman
David Bowie Andy Warhol

Botch Inch By Inch
Stump Wizards Fire Mine
ChoreboyI Ain't Dead Yet
>>Slow 45Berlin ; Sex3:30 At 45rpm, 4:37 At 33rpm
Hellacopters Lowdown(Sweden)
Postmortem Your Innocence (Germany)
Gob Raised In A Barn
Brutal Truth Kill Trend Suicide

Queerfish What's Wrong(Germany)
Blitz Never Surrender (Uk)
Slapdash Kill Yourself

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