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Playlists for Apr 9, 1997

"Citizen Wayne" Epitaph CD "From The Ground" Nuclear Blast CD "Spare Parts" Amrep CD

Peter And The Test Tube Babies Banned From The Pubs
Bullet Lavolta What's In A Name
Alien Sex Fiend Stress
Attomica Dying Smashed(Brazil)
Apocalypse Hoboken Live Wire"Now's Not A Good Time" CD Rocco Recs
Claw Hammer Gnashville

Seaweed Carousel(1990 45)
Bigwig Your In Sample
Roky Erikson Can't Be Brought Down
Atari Teenage Riot Deathstar
Sea Monkeys He's Not Me,Any Way You Want It
Sylk Gettin' Into It
Guzzard Tadpole
Trouble Funk Hollyrock
The Pugs Popcorn

Knut Shine(Switzerland)
Kiss It Goodbye Put Your Head Down And Run
James White & The Contortions Design To Kill
Cradle Of Filth Haunted Shores
Dj Carhouse/Mc Hellshit Air Rappers
Higsons I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys
Xray Spex Identity
Wayne Kramer Down On the Ground
Submerged Hear(Finland)
Pennywise Society

Corrupted Estar En Visperas De Ultimo
Disassociate Envy The Dead
Sparkmarker Tom Foolery
Graham Parker Don't Let It Break Down, Soul On Ice
Tired From Now On What's Up Organ Moaner?
>>Slow 45 : Ac Dc For Those About To Rock 5:42 At 45, 7:42 At 33 Rpm
Crack Up Worthless

Multiplex Nonfiction
Middle Class Out Of Vogue
Postmortem Co-Ed Killer
X Real Child Of Hell
Jane Doe Vicious Cycle
Servotron Batteries Included
Brujeria Marijuana(45)
Sonny Lester & His Orchestra Big Millie From Philly
Apocalyptica Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

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