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Playlists for April 2, 1997


Cemment PtsdPainkiller Comp Vol 1
King Loser Tribal Thunder Theme
Nerve Rak Unholy Sanctuary Of Woman & Man
Culture The Eye Of The Needle
El Pecado Mi Senda
Spitters Impasse
Ff I

Monkeystick Love Song
5 X 9 Muffaletta"Recognize" CD - Onefoot Records
Brainiac Fashion 500, The Turnover
Pink Floyd Fat Old Sun
Brujeria Matando Gueros '97
Ch3 You Lie
Russ Meyer Intro To Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill
Disassociate Envy The Dead

Soihad Toshoothim Equinox
Supercharger I Get None
Samael 'till We Meet Again"Ceremony Of Opposites" CD
Stranglers Just Like Nothing On Earth
Styrenes One Fanzine Reader Writes
Link Wray Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
Ensign Blue SkiesV/A Comp: "Music Does A Body Good" Glue Records
Wynona Riders Crazy Man

Threats Go To Hell
Uk Subs Paradise Burning
Pugs Spock On (Miss Gloria)
Fred Frith Backroom I
Freddie Macgregor Jah A De Dub
Jackass Ribs Pinch My Heart Like An Apple
Sparkmarker Surrender On Demand
Slow 45: David Cassidy Cherish 3:48 At 45; 5:07 At 33 Rpm
Choreboy Dollar Signs

Broken Hope The Cloning"Loathing" CD Metal Blade Recs
Crack Up Broomer "From The Ground" CD Nuclear Blast
Dj Carhouse/Mc Hellshit Hard Core Copy
The Saints International Robots
Mandingo Worn Out
Claw Hammer Ass Kisser's Union
Repair .....**&%003....

Fleshgrind ..Entrails
Shades Apart Behind The Wheel
Samiam 10 Feet Tall
Hard To Swallow Undercurrent
Dark Funeral Satanic Blood

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