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Playlists for March 26, 1997

otherwise known as "The guy getting squished by a refrigerator in a pickup truck" edition....
Love BatteryHalf Past You
Ex-Atari KidPlaytime
AbyssSatan's Majestic Empire
Van BuilderassHome
SatisfactHow Things Work

Sparkmarker Surrender On Demand
Illyah KuryahkinRomeo
The GaiaFatal Of The World
TransmisiaSceptical Beast
Lene LovichLucky Number
The Van PeltYamato- Where People Really Die
Seance Sin
Leif ElggrinTalking To A Dead Queen
Link WrayThe Earth Is Crying
MonkeystickLove Song

Future Sound Of LondonWe Have Explosive
Time's Up Naive Ones
Broken Hope Skin Is In
Styrenes One Fanzine Reader Writes(12" Drag City)
Die KreuzenElizabeth
Jonathan Fire EaterWhen Prince Was A Kid
Charlie ParkerQuasimodo
RawfruchtMini Mercado
Sistema NerviosoBefore The Fall

Sindy Kills MeAffairs(Music Does A Body Good Comp Glue Recs)
ServotronPeople Mover
Postmortem Albert "Cannibal" FishAge Of Massmurder CD - Morbid Rec
Baboon Night Of The Long Knives
Fall SilentNever Forget
Brutal Truth Pass Some Down
Kitty BadassWings Folding, Tilted

Dj Carhouse/Mc HellshitUfo Made Me Do It
ClashThe Card Cheat
SupersuckersJuicy Pureballs
Morgana Lefay NemesisMaleficium CD - Black Mark
ThronesBuio OmegaAlraune CD - The Communion Label
El PecadoYoConfeso, El Nombre
Atari Teenage RiotThe Future Of WarCD- Burn Berlin Burn
Iowa Beef ExperienceOctopus

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