Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for October 15, 2000
Featuring a recording of Diane's First Skydive! A Kamikaze Act Indeed!

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Intro : Diane's First Skydive
Amp 176 : Red Dragon Special
In Extremo : In Extremo
Nik Turner : Bones of Elvis
Roswell Project : Maggots & Lies = YOU
Died Pretty : Winterland
Cryptopsy : Flame to the Surface
Raw Power : Who Cares

Bellrays : Swastika
Quadrajets : Fireball
Murder City Devils : I Want A Lot Now
Kid Dynamite : Living Daylights, Introduction to the Opposites
Stranglers : Burning Up Time
Refused : New Noise
Lowrider : Dust Settin
Bullet LaVolta : Off Kilter
Opprobium : Ancient Rebellion
Illusion of Safety : Thermonuclear Holy War
Siouxsie and the Banshees : Happy House
The Champs : Policenauts
The Hives : State Control

Einsturzende Neubauten : Fleisch "Blut Haut" Knochen
El Caminos : Exotic
Ezurate : 4
Insomniacs : Tear It Out
Dickies : Stuck In A Condo
Boulder : Southern Salvation
Malignancy : Motivated By Hunger
Gaunt : Hit the Ground

Tourniquet : Caixa De Raiva
Dark Tranquillity : Emptier Still
Jud Jud : High Hat Song, Gallop Song

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