Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for October 1, 2000
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Hellchild : Wings of Hope
Rotting Christ : Fateless
Happy Bitch Head : Little Joe
Girltoucher : Slip Away
Cave In : Brain Candle
Malignancy : Separated Anxiety
Rookies Theme

Leatherface : Watching You Sleep
Fat Day : Tiger in the Grass, All Your Winning Colors, Spoon in Lid, Zone 9, Xyrex
Dark Tranquillity : Indifferent Suns
DRI : 5 Year Plan
Sockeye : Satan Medley
Radio Birdman : Hanging On
Lowrider : Caravan
Soy : Squire Barnes- Chicken Chop

Hard-Ons : Carphone
Smog : The Hard Road
Bad Brains : At the Movies
December :Umbilical
Jigoku Guruma : Kakutou Baka Ichida Yarou
Controllers : Another Day
Hives : Hate to Say I Told You So
Witchery : The Howling
Fossil Fuel : I Had to Take a Bath
Integrity : A

Combat Wounded Veteran : Mercury Streams, The Proliferation of Foreign Matter
Logical Nonsense : Grey Skies
Hypnolovewheel : You Choose
Internal Void : Beyond Anger
Uzeda : 10 Stars
Man or Astro Man : Johnny Bravo
Thrones : Django
Chris Anderson : Overdose

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