Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for September 24th, 2000
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Insomniacs : Girl
Gray Matter : Fill A Void
Rollerball : Widdershins
River City Rapists : Gimme Gimme, River City Rapists
Makers : This Is the Answer
Amon Amarth : North Sea Storm
Hybernoid : Dust In the Wind

Horace Pinker : When Will It Happen
Broke NYC : 105
Royal Drunk : Zero
Rudimentary Peni : The Mirror
Crispus Attucks : Survivl
Thrones : Nuts & Berries
Babyland: Increased Turnover
Whizz Kids : Pay As you Earn
Snog : Shop
Angelblood :Angelblood

Shellac : Shoe Song Hellchild : In this Freezing Night
Combat Wounded Veteran: You'll Never Be Where I Am Ever
In/Humanity : Against All Youth
John Marshall High School Marching Band : L7 Medley
Gallon Drunk : Gallon Drunk
Gun Club: Bad Indian
Unida : Plastic

His Hero Is Gone : Carry On, Automation
Sleeper : Splinter
Mile Wide : Head of Delp
The Hives : Outsmarted
Motorhead : Bite the Bullet/The Chase is Better than the Catch
Cock E.S.P. :Seminal Noise Artistry
Divine Styler : Contact 1
The Coyotemen : Who Rattled Your Cage

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