Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for September 17th, 2000
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Trans Am : Diabolical Cracker
Zen Guerilla : Mod Riot
Avulsed : Petisuis Lobotomy
Cards In Spokes : Brand New Contacts
Gem : Suburban Girl
Rotting Christ : Aeternatus
Lowrider : Convoy V
Ultra Vivid Scene : Staring At the Sun
The Fucking Champs : Vangelis Again
Cows : The Bucket
Today is the Day : Wicked Game, Crutch
Come: Dead Pretty
Gits : Bob
Go Nuts : Fabulous Go Nuts Theme

Refused : Poetry Written in Gasoline
Latino Diablo : Latino
Slow Jets : Lick the Salty
Extra Fancy : Sinnerman
Halford : Locked & Loaded
The Locust : An Extra Piece of Dead Meat
Ghost : I've Been Flying
Amon Tobin : 4 Ton Mantis
Skin Yard : Words on Bone

Besk : Krossa
Golden Showers : Amazing Graceland
PG 99 : Skinpack
The Haunted : Well of Souls
Damad : Landescape
Fugazi : Public Witness Program
Esplendor Geometrico : Control De Vigilantes
Rudimentary Peni : Essence
Magro Kuso : Judith's Letter

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