Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlist for September 3rd, 2000
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International Noise Conspiracy : Impostor Costume
Nevermore : The Death of Passion
Damad : Hide & Seek
Saints : International Robots
Motorhead : Damage Case
All : Black Sky

Benumb : Synopsis of Ignorance Within the Society at Large
Raw Power : RPH
Nomeansno : Hello/Goodbye
The Wontons : Moxie
Easy Action : Do or Die
Fashion : Die in the West
Killing Joke : Wardance
Kiss : Calling Dr Love
Musique : In the Bush

The Haunted : Bullet Hole
DeLa Soul : Keepin' the Faith
Yello : Bostitch
Within temptation : Deep Within
Fu Manchu : Grasschopper
Eyeliners : Do the Zombie
Barbecue Bob & the Spareribs : Too Bored To live - Too dumb to Die
Dramatics : Whatcha See is Whatca Get

Dark Tranquillity : The Sun Fired blanks
Rotting Christ : You Are I
Mink Lungs : Do I Tingle?

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